Jimmy Jam Seven. Is on hold…for now. But I guess “on hold” implies that. Our committee has been talking, texting, scrambling, and scratching our heads about if/when/what to do this year. We’ve been batting around ideas, needs, hopes, fears, thoughts and dreams for far too long now. We apologize for […]

Let’s Rage

On Wednesday March 2nd from 12:00 – 2:00 that is.  At Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach Realtors in Hockessin DE. Because who doesn’t love soup? And all proceeds benefit the Sebest family. We’ve been in the soup, in the fog, in the thick of it for far too long and […]

Soup’s On!

Happy Valentines Day all. On this day of celebrating love, family and friendship we thought of you. Because you know what? Kindness is the epitome of love. Kind is the new sexy. The new black. And what impresses us most.  So on this day, we’d like to say thank you […]

Kind is the New Sexy

The road to recovery that is. And while technically we’ve been on it since August of 2010, now Jim is focusing on recovering from a very specific part of the journey, his latest surgery. So it’s a sideline recovery on the road to recovery; a detour if you will. A long […]

We’re on the road again

Rest assured our boy is recovering from his surgery well, but he does have a few more weeks of bed rest to conquer. That part of the recovery is the easiest. The rest…the time alone, the boredom, the sadness, that part is as challenging as ever. And it became more […]

Our hearts are heavy

I have been trying to find a good ThanksJimming (see what I did there?) quote all week, and having trouble finding one that really captured why we feel grateful. And let’s be honest, feeling gratitude when you have a touch of quadriplegia and are facing six weeks of forced bed […]

Happy ThanksJimming

We know it’s been a while, and we apologize. And we’ve missed you! We miss the daily posting on FB and seeing the “likes” and comments (even if that makes us sound like 12-year-olds). We miss making the countdown photos (don’t worry we’re not going to start that again until […]

Remember us?

We’re doing things a little bit differently this year, and adding all of our auction items to our very own Jimmy Jam on-line auction site. How ’bout them apples?? Should make the entire process a whole lot smoother.  We will have all of the items at the event so you can […]

The auction is open!!

This journey has been full of ups and downs. We knew it would be, but sometimes the downs still take us by surprise, and sap our strength. And we’re feeling it now. We’re battle worn, frustrated and weary. This weather isn’t helping. Neither is the news. We’ve been the family […]

My “Why”

Okay, so remember when we said we were website rookies and to be patient with us? We really meant that. If you used ANY of the contact forms on the site – found on the golf, hole sponsor, dinner, auction and contact us pages –  your message DID NOT reach […]

Houston We Had a Problem